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In 1935 the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) paid the labor costs while the City paid the material costs, and the City’s first Community Building was built. This building, now known as the Heritage Center, was constructed in just 3 months!

During WWII, Vero Beach was home to 27,000 men and 900 women involved in the war effort. And so, the Heritage Center became the Servicemen’s Center; hosting a variety of events, foremost among them elegant dances young people in spotless uniforms and charming 1940's "USO" era attire, paying attention to details and etiquette. With band music wafting, and romance in the air, many locals tell stories about their grandparents meeting at those dances!

After the war, the Community Building became more of a true community center for all ages, hosting teen dances and adult gatherings. Eventually, the building housed the City’s Recreation Department. Art classes were held in what is now the kitchen and a ballet studio occupied what is now the Indian River Citrus Museum.

After a new community center was built in the 1960s, the building fell into such disuse and disrepair that some say the only thing holding it together was the termites. The City was ready to demolish the building. Concerned citizens, led by the Indian River County Historical Society and Millie Bunnell fought to save it. In 1993, the Heritage Center was fully restored and placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The successful nonprofit Vero Heritage, Inc has the privilege of stewarding the venue.

The Heritage Center evokes such memories and so resonates with the community that, to this day, many choose to host their own meaningful events at the Heritage Center. People intuitively know “this place matters.”

With great enthusiasm,

Heather Stapleton
Executive Director


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Our Mission

Vero Heritage Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to Preserving, Educating and Celebrating Vero Heritage.

The organization operates and maintains the Vero Heritage Center and Indian River Citrus Museum. The building is a registered national landmark facility that was built in 1935. The Heritage Center's Main Hall is a popular rental venue for community and business events, private family celebrations, and weddings.

Board of Directors - Staff - Volunteers

Executive Board
Brian Holmes, President
Toccara Williams, Vice-President
Carol Holmes, Secretary
Angie Schepers, Treasurer

Board Members
Chris Barcus
Kelly Clemenzi
Stephanie Fila
Sue Guy

Advisory Committee
Celeta Arden
Janie Gould
Elizabeth Graves-Bass
Kim Piston
Judy Roberts
Bob Stanley
Mary Jane Stewart

Heather Stapleton, Executive Director
Robyn Berry, Special Events Coordinator
Kathleen Cunningham, Museum Docent
Zachariah Campion, Event Staff